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DSC_0118 2Keith lives in Ridgecrest with his wife Sarah Cohen and four children – Katie, 14, Finn, 12, and twins Thomas and Edward.

Keith currently serves part time as a King County Superior Court Commissioner and as Chair of the City of Shoreline Planning Commission. He is also a board member for the King County Conservation Voters, the environmental community’s political arm. In the past, he served as the legal director of Futurewise, overseeing legislative and policy initiatives for that sustainable development nonprofit organization, and he even served as the president of his children’s school PTA.

He also spent several years in the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, where he prosecuted felonies against violent criminals and developed King County’s mortgage-fraud prosecution program. Keith then went international — joining the United Nations. There, he prosecuted war criminals at the The Hague for the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.

As a trial lawyer at Newman/Du Wors Attorneys, Keith’s current practice focuses on intellectual property.


2 thoughts on “About Keith

  1. Keith,

    I see you are currently serving as Chair of the Shoreline Planning Commission.

    How do you plan to slow down or reversed the City’s head long sprint to rezone and turn Shoreline into a carbon copy of Bellevue or Redmond when you have been right in there amidst the future high risers and high densifiers?

    Brent Spilsbury
    Shoreline small home owner since 1979

    • Hi Brent! Thanks for commenting. I voted against the 185th rezone because I thought it was way too large, and I voted to slow down the 145th rezone until we knew how much additional road capacity 145th could accomodate. Density should be near transit centers–but that isn’t an excuse to trash neighborhoods or upzone too far. My opponent doesn’t understand that — she’s a density-at-all-costs believer.

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