Point Wells

BSRE’s proposed development at Point Wells is bad news for Shoreline. It’s thousands of apartments and condominiums crammed together on a narrow strip of land extending into Puget Sound. The development itself is in Snohomish County, and it is the Snohomish County Council that approved it and that controls the permitting process. But the impacts–the traffic, sewer, water, police and fire and other service demands–are all felt in Shoreline.

 As a city council member, I will adhere to the following general principles I personally hold regarding Point Wells:

  • BSRE’s development at Point Wells should be reduced in size as much as possible.
  • Traffic through Richmond Beach should be reduced as much as possible.
  • The city should use every available tool to minimize the impact of Point Wells, including negotiation, legislation, and, if necessary, litigation.
  • The city should not enter into binding, long-term agreements with the Point Wells developer until every available tool has been applied to achieve reduction in size and traffic.
  • The city should always consider alternate uses for Point Wells, including as publicly-accessible park or preserve land.
  • The city should constantly work to minimize the impacts on Richmond Beach and all other Shoreline neighborhoods.
  • The city should not work against the Richmond Beach community’s efforts.
  • The city should not give up future legal rights unless there is no viable alternative.
  • The city should engage in constant community outreach and listen to citizen and neighborhood group opinion, as well as fact-based documentation presented by the community, before taking any substantial action.
  • The city should constantly consult with other affected entities, including utility and other service districts, in order to fully understand the costs and impacts of the development.
  • Point Wells should be at least economically self-sustaining, with no financial impact on the city or ratepayers.
  • The city should only consider annexation after thorough financial analysis of annexation vs. no annexation.

2 thoughts on “Point Wells

  1. I don’t know if the existing city council has done all it could to block or mitigate the Point Wells development, but I have the distinct impression that they were reluctant or incapable of being assertive about the matter. Did they work hard on our behalf, or just acquiesce? This is a point of dissatisfaction and disappointment for many of us.

    The traffic burden will really ruin things.

    • Hi Henrik,

      I don’t think the city has done enough. Richmond Beach community members have told me time and again that they’re frustrated with the city’s response. They’re frustrated that the city didn’t join with them when they appealed Snohomish County’s decision to approve the urban village designation and frustrated that the city didn’t lobby harder to encourage Snohomish County to reduce the size of the development.

      I don’t have an easy solution to Point Wells. But I’m convinced it’s not a good thing for Shoreline, and I’m committed to doing what I can to reduce the size of the development and limit its impacts.


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