Property Crime

Keith is a former prosecutor who worked directly with the King County Sheriff’s Office to stop crime. He was the first deputy assigned to create the mortgage fraud prosecution unit, and knows what it takes to combat crime.

Shoreline is a very safe community in terms of crimes against persons–it has a lower than average rate of the most serious crimes like robbery and assault. But we don’t do as well on property crime. Vehicle prowls, burglaries, mail theft, and other crimes are far more common than they should be.

Keith is committed to ensuring that our police department has the tools that it needs to adequately investigate every single reported crime. And he’s committed to expanding neighborhood watch and other citizen-oriented tools to making sure that crimes are reported as soon as possible and that as much information as can be gathered is provided to the police.


One thought on “Property Crime

  1. This is THE NUMBER ONE ISSUE for our household. The increase in crime is unbelievable in our neighborhood. If the city can’t ensure the reasonable safety of its citizens and their respective property, then what is the point of electing officials, paying taxes, and having a police dept… services don’t matter WHATSOEVER when someone can waltz in and rob you blind at the drop of a hat. What good are parks if you’re afraid to park your vehicle there? I’d like to see Shoreline become a virtual island in this state where no one DARES to commit these types of crimes. Security is essential to all communities. I want a council that addresses the basics rather than getting all tangled up in social issues and controversies.

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