I’m excited to announce my campaign for Shoreline City Council. I’m ready to bring my record of public service on the Shoreline Planning Commission, as a trial lawyer and former prosecutor, and as a conservationist to the City Council.

It’s an exciting time in Shoreline as the Puget Sound economy starts to come out of a long and stubborn recession. I still think that government does best when it focuses on the basics. Our council needs to bring in new businesses and help small businesses prosper.

We need to find the right balance between growth and preserving our neighborhoods and quality of life. We need to ensure safe neighborhoods, with great parks and open spaces, and work with our police department to deter property crime. And, the City needs to protect its residents from bad ideas like the development at Point Wells and unplanned growth.

I’ll be out knocking on doors in the next few months talking with as many of you as possible and ready to listen and learn about your thoughts about keeping Shoreline a great place to live.




2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Keith, I’ll be voting for you. I was born and raised in Shoreline many years ago and am very disappointed in the current Mayor and Council, primarily due to their shortsightednes with the rapid growth and radical re-zoning with the light rail and Point Wells. I moved back to Shoreline 8 years ago because of the strong sense of neighborhood and community. I was shocked when I saw the Council’s plans in the Light Rail area near 185th where they plan to add what looked like 20+ low-income apartments. Talk about taking a neighborhood by the throat and strangling it!
    I hope you do all you can to change the path the Shoreline Council is on.

    Paul Robinson

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